FiatDAO Protocol Integration is Live on Sense

Use FiatDAO to unlock liquidity from your sP-maDAI fixed rate positions.

The integration of Sense principal tokens on FiatDAO is now live, meaning users can collateralize principal tokens to mint $FIAT on FiatDAO’s interface. This $FIAT liberates liquidity for fixed-rate holders to amplify their exposure to the fixed rate or add other positions.

The first principal tokens to be onboarded are sP-maDAI tokens from our recently announced Morpho integration. As time goes on, we plan to add additional tokens as collateral on FiatDAO.

To achieve on an amplified fixed rate position, you can use $DAI to buy sP-maDAI on Sense, then deposit that sP-maDAI on FiatDAO to mint $FIAT. To use that $FIAT to amplify your exposure to the fixed rate on sP-maDAI you can sell the $FIAT for $DAI on Balancer and buy more sP-maDAI on Sense (repeat process to desired amplification). Links below:

Get sP-maDAI here:

Collateralize it to mint $FIAT here:

Convert $FIAT to $DAI here:

At Sense we believe one of the greatest strengths of DeFi is composability, and the best use of composability is to further empower users by providing tools that augment individual financial freedom. We continue to work tirelessly to add integrations that provide more tools and options for users of Sense Protocol.

This integration is another step toward the future Sense is building: our vision is to create decentralized, transparent, fair factories for yield curves and other yield primitives on-chain along with fully decentralized markets for yield discovery.

If you’re excited about this vision and want to help build it, join us. We’re actively hiring and are always on the lookout for top talent. Join our community on Discord to get involved, and follow us on Twitter for updates!



A decentralized, permissionless, fixed income protocol on Ethereum.

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Sense Finance

A decentralized, permissionless, fixed income protocol on Ethereum.