How to build an enduring, multi-billion dollar business
Sarah Tavel

Great post. Some thoughts :

  1. Your examples showcase physical to digital transformation. Most businesses today have a digital presence. Imho, I see very less pockets of opportunity that begs a digital presence. As I say this, someone might have figured something remarkable as well.
  2. I read about 10x improvements all the time. What defines a 10x improvement? In my industry, Telecom and Media, 10x improvements are hard to come by – either due to lack of technological advancement or Incremental impact to bottomline. Just speeding up networks to render video faster is not a 10x improvement. How can we do it better – again leads to incremental benefits.

My understanding is that either solving a problem ( where the solution becomes an industry standard) or identifying an opportunity ( democratizing X for example) could create billion dollar companies. I do agree with AI / VR being those opportunities – and they are technological and ML advancements that are driving what we have come to appreciate as disruption than 10x improvement.

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