“What got you here, won’t get you there”

Marshall Goldsmith

Be the change — in 24 hours

Motivational — Business and Personal links you should not miss

We all are social animals ( except of few but still have a yearning to be recognised) that have a need for instant gratification. The 3 drivers are either Money, Power or Popularity. Having said so, there are few people that strive to change the way we all envision businesses, ourselves or our friends and relatives to be.

How many times we wished we could have said “ It would be great if we did it ___________ way?”

So let me share with you some links that help us to understand “Why” we exist and what can we do to better ourselves and our work in general. This will help you both in Sense of Achievement as well as Sense of Fulfilment.

“At the start of an exam, a student openly wondered, “But Professor, this is the same exam question as last year!”

To which the great man supposedly replied, “Correct, young man, but we need to find new answers.”

The man was Albert Einstein

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