The journey to become a good programmer

I’ve started to learn programming at FCC where the lessons are amazing and the community is so nice/helpful!.

My previous degree is Systems Engineer where i assist and also lead some projects in companies. But during my lectures we had sometimes these extra credits for like making a website with some requirements. This really made me curious to search some more topics online and before i knew it i was on youtube following some video’s of FCC explaining javascript which was actually not needed for the website haha. So after the huge researching and just snuffing everywhere for information i’ve uploaded the website so i could get some feedback and hopefully my credits. And i got a 8 which is a “D”? in american grading.

Now is my programming journey starting ^^.
I’ve promised myself to program everyday for a hour at least and to write everything down why the code works like this and also how you put it into practice. Cause you can rush through programming but you better write it down to remember in a long term.

Also this is my first time using medium and also writing an article. So if there are some error, my apologies.

Author: Bashaar

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