[Review] 1st annual wkrp thanksgiving day turkey drop shirt

Oct 22 · 3 min read

I continued drowned in these pleasures for a whole year; 1st annual wkrp thanksgiving day turkey drop shirt. and at the commencement of the new year, I entered the bath, and refreshed myself, and put on a handsome suit; and after I had gone forth from the bath, I drank a cup of wine, and smelt the odours of my clothes, which were richly perfumed with various scents.

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My heart was unoppressed by calamities or misfortunes; and when the hour of nightfall came, I desired to repair to the damsel; but I was intoxicated, and knew not my way; and, in going to her, intoxication led me aside into a by-street called the street of the Naḳeeb:39 and as I was proceeding along it, lo, an old woman came, with a lighted candle in one of her hands, and in her other hand a folded letter. I advanced towards her, and she, with weeping eye, said to me, O my son, art thou able to read? I answered her, Yes, my old aunt. And she said, Take this letter, and read it to me. And she handed me the letter; so I took it from her and opened it, and read to her its contents, informing her that it was a letter from the absent, with salutations to the beloved. And when she heard this, she rejoiced at the good news, and ejaculated a prayer for me, saying, May God dispel thine anxiety as thou hast dispelled mine! She then took the letter, and proceeded a few steps; but presently she returned to me, and, kissing my hand, said, O my lord, may God (whose name be exalted!) give thee enjoyment of thy youth, and not disgrace thee. I beg that thou wilt walk with me a few paces, to that door; for I have told them what thou hast read to me of the letter, and they do not believe me: come with me, therefore, two steps, and read to them the letter outside the door, and accept my prayer for thee. — And what, said I, is the history of this letter? She answered, O my son, this letter hath come from my son, who hath been absent from us for the space of ten years; for he journeyed with merchandise, and hath remained504 abroad during that period, and we relinquished all hope of his return, thinking that he was dead: then came to us this letter from him; and he hath a sister who hath wept for him during his absence night and day; and I told her that he was in health and prosperity; but she believed me not, and said to me, Thou must bring me a person to read this letter and to acquaint me with its contents, that my heart may be set at ease and my mind comforted.

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