Read it again. I’ll quote it hear, since you don’t seem to be able to do that:

This is stunning. The assertion was “ But the US isn’t the only country with birthright citizenship. In fact, 30 of the Western Hemisphere’s 35 sovereign countries offer birthright citizenship. Mexico and Canada offer it, as does every single Central and South American country with the exception of Colombia and Suriname.”

By the source that TheLizard is citing, this is true. Mexico does offer birthright citizenship. Likewise, this source validates that 30 of 35 Western Hemisphere's sovereign countries offer birthright citizenship.

I’m somewhat convinced that TheLizard is just trolling. The source he provides clearly backs up the assertion made in the article and yet he claims that the Craig Axford is the one unable to comprehend. This seems so asinine as to be unreal.

From TheLizard’s source… “ The map to the left shows the nations that still grant Birthright Citizenship — the nations in RED are the developed nations; the nations in ORANGE are the non-developed nations.”

Obviously all the nations that are shaded red and orange offer Birthright Citizenship including Mexico.