A non-definitive guide on how to make a strokes-intact dot for outline style icons.

Sometimes you need to make a dot in Adobe Illustrator. And sometimes it takes you so long to figure out how to make said dot that you begin to contemplate the benefits of giving up design entirely and living as a hermit in the woods. To save others from this path of existential angst, here’s a quick tutorial.

Intact Strokes vs. Outlined Strokes

If you follow me on social media, or live within a thirty mile radius of me, then you’ve heard about Symbolicons Pro — my new icon family with three unique styles: solid, line, and color. The solid style is available now, and I’m hard at work on the line style. …

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A visual history of the greatest icon mascot in the history of the entire universe*

*I may be exaggerating.

With little fanfare and even less foresight, I made my first two icon sets available for sale on the 22nd of June, 2010. The blog post was titled Symboliconographogram — a nonsensical amalgamation of the words symbol, icon, pictograph, and pictogram.

Three months later, I thought better of the name, and purchased the domain Symbolicons.com. A month after that, a brand new website dedicated to selling my icons was launched. At the top of the site was a robot. His name was Bob. And I created him by accident.

Accidental Robot

At some point during the design process for the first version of Symbolicons.com, an idea started to take shape. I wanted something visually interesting at the top of the site. Something beyond just showcasing my icons. Something memorable. …

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“If you build it, they will come.” — Field of Dreams (1989)

Imagine that you are a designer and have the idea for a new icon set. In the normal flow of things, you would then put metaphorical (and/or literal) pencil to paper and create said icon set. …


Jory Raphael

Creator of @Symbolicons, http://symbolicons.com • Co-Founder of @Notabli, http://notabli.com

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