Authentic or Chameleon?

Have you ever found yourself adapting, shifting, blending with others? Mirroring their body posture. Picking up on their euphemisms?

Happens to me all the time, I believe because of my sensitivity.

The funniest example is when I was talking with a subcontractor who has a delightfully thick southern accent. By the end of the phone call, y’all was spilling off my lips like a native Texan instead of the northern transplant I am. On one hand, being able to adapt our communication style, pace, and wording is important to connect with others. Sometimes though, we can lose sight of our true essence.

So what is my true essence? I have no idea.

What’s that inner spark, that one thing that makes me uniquely Bevin? Wait, I can almost grasp it, for just one small moment! Then it’s gone. Slippery little thing, our authentic self. As I learn, grow, experience, try, fail, revel, despair, transcend, ground, float, survive and thrive — the same inner presence has been inside me all along.

What has changed, is that I am present to my essence more often, for longer periods of time. I am clearer than ever about what I stand for, the principles upon which I chose to live my life, and what I am meant to contribute to our world.

Authenticity becomes a journey rather than the outcome. Less a way of being and more a way of becoming. Chameleon has its place, especially if it allows me to temporarily shift to reach others in a way that works for them.

What if I am an authentic chameleon?

In our beautiful diversity as sensitive people; an essential part of the human family, I invite you to be an authentic chameleon. Be rooted in your own essence while adapting to understand another.

Strength without rigidity. Compassion. Discovery, Wholeness, Empowerment.

Are you ready to stop shifting and changing yourself to meet others’ expectations? To step fully into your authentic expression? I invite you to explore and apply for my upcoming group program, Three Thresholds to Authenticity…