I can no longer turn a blind eye to Isis

Four years ago, I made the decision to turn off tv, to stop watching local and national media, to release myself from the fear-based mentality that is so often promoted.

It seemed like every story was horrific, our world is so dangerous, be careful about this, be cautious about that!

Because I am a highly sensitive person, it seemed unbearable to feel society’s wounds and dysfunction so deeply.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I was healing from a painful divorce and needed to reconnect with my spiritual center. I attended transformational workshops, read everything I could get my hands on and grew so much. I founded a local community of sensitive people; as a result, I found my life calling.

‘I don’t want to spend my time watching other people have a tv life, I want to create a life for myself.’

So, for whatever reason, last night I found myself clicking on an article about Kayla Jean Mueller.

A bright, 25 year old American woman who was abducted by Isis as an overseas worker traveling with Doctor’s Without Borders. Dedicated volunteers who put their lives on the line to bring medical expertise to war-torn countries.

I read on because this was not presented as media sensationalism, it was from the perspective of her fellow prisoners who were eventually let go.

Stay with me here, I know this will not be easy to read. Kayla and her colleagues were repeatedly beaten, tortured, starved and raped by Isis members. There were several beheadings in the time she spent at the hostage camp. When they were unable to negotiate her ransom, she became ‘useless’ to them and was sold to a local tribal leader and his wife.

Together with a group of local woman and under aged girls, Kayla became a sex slave. When an opportunity came for escape, she stayed behind telling the other girls that they had a better chance without her, as they would search more intensely for an American.

Throughout this ordeal, Kayla reportedly held fast to her faith and put others before herself.

Kayla never came home.

Reading this while sitting in my cozy (and safe) home office, with tears streaming unchecked down my face. Pain in my soul.

Why would I do that to myself?

A lightning bolt of reality jolted me last night. I have been burying my head in the sand for my own preservation.

Yes, I’ve been happier not exposing myself to the chilling evils of our world. But as I hurt at the very soul level for Kayla and all the others who have endured so much, I realized my hurt is not equal to theirs.

Not even close.

Which is why I am stepping forward to do the work I am called to.

It’s why I have a vision that one day we will live in a world that honors a sensitive way of being.

A world where treating people like possessions is considered wrong; by everyone, in all cultures.

A world where force is not an option and personal power comes not from controlling others, but from our own inner worth.

A world where we consider long-term implications and make the right choices for humankind and for our Earth, even if it means less profits.

A world that prefers collaboration over competition. One where every person not only has his or her basic needs met, but are free and encouraged to share their gifts.

This is not just a dream.

It will take time, perhaps even hundreds of years. It will take monumental effort by many regular people like you and I, each doing our part in our local communities. It will mean breaking generational patterns of hate and violence.

I have accepted that this is a calling that I will likely not see come to fruition in my lifetime. Yet, I am stepping forward.

This doesn’t mean that I now plan to sacrifice myself back to the fear machine. Not at all. It simply means that I need to be willing to face what is really happening while at the same time not taking on all of the world’s wounds. A balancing act.

Remember that overall, most people in this world are good and loving and simply want a peaceful existence for their families.

Our collective faith and our action is needed now more than ever.

Are you ready to step fully into your calling? I am a transformational coach who specializes in working with highly sensitive people.
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