It’s helpful to know about spiritual bypassing and then again, it’s not…

I must have come across the term ‘spiritual bypassing’ at least four times in the past week. A really interesting concept to be aware of; essentially looking at the motivation behind the spiritual work we’re engaged in. Are we genuinely addressing our inner work head on or are we glossing it over by simply ‘appearing' to be spiritual?

Are we truly diving in deep to face our shadow self or are we just dressing the part with the newest yoga pants and tint of eggplant hair?

It’s a complex concept if you also take into account that each one of us is on an individual path and diving deeper, on a particular section of our spiritual journey.

Where the challenge begins is when we spend valuable time and energy trying to decide, ‘Am I really spiritual or being hypocritical? Was that comment I made a true exploration or a bypass? What about that one, and that one and that one?’

We could literally drive ourselves crazy constantly worrying if our spiritual journey is good enough, if we’ve reached a high enough vibration or we’ve finally let go of that pesky ego. (I’ve decided to keep mine, in its rightful role).

Does the very act of worrying about spiritual bypassing mean you’re actually participating in spiritual bypassing?

It deliberately inserts self-doubt into a process that already requires a heavy dose of faith. And in case I haven’t checked lately, sensitive people don’t seem to have much of a problem connecting with self-doubt. Sometimes, we really need to celebrate where we’ve been and how far we’ve come without any added pressure.

If I compare where I was just five years ago to where I am now, the incredible progress brings me to tears. Certainly, there were times when I reverted to old habits and it’s likely that will happen again. I’ve probably been a hypocrite too, even worked through a tendency towards metaphysical fundamentalism as I sought to reaffirm my connection with God.

You see, it’s actually a luxury to even contemplate the concept of spiritual bypassing, as most of humankind lives on less than $2 U.S./day — even the blue collar landscape workers I’ve supervised aren’t spending time constantly beating themselves up about their spiritual progress. Most people on Earth are simply trying to put food on the table for their family or walking miles a day in search of a source of clean drinking water.

It’s reality for much of the human family.

The further I travel down this spiritual path, the more I realize it’s really all about taking action towards something that’s bigger than yourself. I know what you might be thinking, everyone in the spiritual arena says that…

So, are we listening? Are we following through?

Are we using our gifts and talents to inspire our portion of the world to be more loving, more equitable, more enlightened?

I believe the definition of spiritual bypassing is sitting around and reading about it, meditating on it, liking the meme on Facebook, even talking about it with others — but pulling up short right before taking action.

Now understand I’m not judging. Perhaps we don’t take action because we’re scared of what we‘ll have to face — our own inner truth. The parts of our life we’re ashamed of, or the circumstances we wish never happened. Stuff that seems way too complicated or ingrained to change or overcome. A system that feels way to large to influence. I believe, no I know, taking action is the only way forward.

Taking that first deep breath, summoning the well of courage inside you and stepping over that threshold.

In my group coaching programs, I outline three such thresholds: discovery, wholeness and empowerment.

We’ve all experienced that moment of discovery, when the cosmic 2 x 4 swings around and catches us right between the eyes. Maybe it’s been there the whole time and we just now opened our eyes to see. Or it might have been a complete and utter surprise. No matter — nothing will ever be the same again. We’ve shifted into a new space, a new time, a completely new dimension. Who we were .0037 nanoseconds ago is not at all who we are right now.

And so begins the process of reframing of our life in light of this new knowledge. Insight after insight bursting the mental and emotional dam until we wonder where are my galoshes? I’m simply trying to wade through this…

Once we begin to adjust, the journey towards wholeness begins. Let’s be clear, I believe we’re already whole, but it’s a long stretch between intellectual understanding and deep soul knowing. So we slowly integrate, piece by piece rebuilding our life to incorporate this new knowledge. Adjusting this, tweaking that, letting go of some things, embracing others. Experiencing more joy, deeper gratitude and loving kindness more and more often — even when challenges arise.

On to Empowerment! Truly believing in ourselves as powerful beings, seeking opportunities to stretch our capacity into a state of total expansiveness. Empowerment shows up completely different for each one of us but it always feels exactly the same. So authentic and real and completely natural. Like coming home, to our eternal being.

Perhaps this is an invitation to stop worrying about spiritual bypassing. Let go of the need to control, the desire to know and step across the next threshold. You might be surprised at the richness of what shows up…

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