Life is like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Always an avid reader, as a tween I enjoyed an interesting twist in children’s literature called Choose Your Own Adventure books.

In one plot my character became stranded on a deserted isle (not quite deserted, as pirates showed up later). I had to make key decisions to ensure my survival — perhaps the precursor to modern reality shows…

Reading along, all of the sudden I was faced with a crossroads; choose A and go to page 52 to continue the story, choose B and check out page 43. A series of forks in the road leads to your eventual outcome:

Either you died or made it successfully off the island.

Of course I died! I immediately traced my steps, second guessing myself. What would have happened if I have gone left at the first fork, left at the second and right at the third? Or left, right, left?

Reading back through each possible scenario until I found the most desirable outcome.

Ah, how many times in life have we done the exact same thing, made choices in the moment with the best information we had available then bam — negative outcome. Driving ourselves crazy retracing all of the possible scenarios and choices we could have made.

Feeling deep regret.

Listening to our inner critic.

Wondering what if…

The truth is that life is so complex, with so many interwoven factors, we really have no way of knowing how things might have turned out differently.

What if your choices were actually spot on?

What if the people in your life, the situations you’ve experienced, what if everything in your past has prepared you to be who you are right now?

Before you get upset with me about bad things that happened because of other people’s choices, let’s be clear I am only referring to the things that you have the power to chose.

Which as an adult, is nearly everything.

With some exceptions, we choose where to live, where to work, our friends, our significant other, how many children to have, the food we eat, how much we exercise, our attitude, the list goes on and on.

All these choices could feel like performance pressure.

Or, what if instead we saw ourselves as incredibly powerful?

We are the creators of our own life, of our own reality.

Maybe we should change the name to Create Your Own Reality — and you are the star of this amazing show. Every day, every moment you have the power to choose your best possible life.

What will you choose today?

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