On Finding (and Nurturing) Your Tribe

For many years, I identified as a loner, believing that all I needed was myself. I couldn’t see the purpose and benefit of deep, meaningful relationships — it just seemed so hard to be present to others’ struggles and emotional pain when I also had my own to bear.

Over time, I’ve opened myself to the exploration of the beauty and depth present in those around me. I discovered that by sharing our vulnerability, by holding space for others, by opening my heart and my home for gatherings of like-minded souls, that my life has taken on a new hue. The symphony of color has returned to my world. As I engage with each of the members of my tribe, I hold appreciation for the complexities of the human experience and for the Divine spirit within each of us. I observe their growth; their lessons so often mirror my own. Love runs deep.

This past week I was once again reminded how easy it is to get caught up in my to-do lists, all consuming goals and self-imposed pressure as I work to launch my business.

I reflected: imagine the irony if I worked around the clock to develop a program to help other people find their tribe while simultaneously neglecting my own?

Finding Your Tribe is a blessing but only the first step; nurturing those relationships is a daily commitment to put first that which is truly most important in our lives, the people who know us, who see us, who get us.