Do you Feel Misunderstood or Unappreciated?

Never feeling like you fit in, always standing outside the group looking in. The person you trusted your heart with, walks away without a word. The parent whose approval you could never win, although you tried for years.

The boss who criticizes your performance, even when you gave everything you had. A careless comment from a ‘supposed friend’ cuts you to the core. The contempt on someone’s face when you say what you know to be true. Shock when you realize most people would rather sweep it under the rug than face what’s real.

Each rejection feels like a knife in your sensitive heart. You want to be able to trust, to connect, to love and be loved. Instead, you withdraw to keep from getting hurt again.

For a sensitive person, the worst type of rejection is feeling like no one understands or appreciates you.

Just like these recent posts I came across on an HSP Facebook group:

‘You’ll end up disappointed if you think everyone has the same heart you do…’

‘I put up walls to keep people at bay. I trust nobody until they prove worthy.’

‘To be honest I just felt unappreciated and unfulfilled the majority of the time to the point where I just felt exhausted like I had no more left to give.’

Quite frankly, reading these raw confessions ripped the Band-Aid off some old wounds. Because everything I’ve written above also describes my own sensitive journey. For years I was hurt by rejection until I realized I’d been focusing solely on what other people wanted, needed or thought of me.

How far have I come? Let’s take a look:

This was me, six years ago. Irony of ‘goth bride’ as my Halloween costume, only a month before I finally chose to leave a 20-year relationship I’d known for a long time wasn’t right for me. Perhaps I was already mourning the death of my old identity. Those were some pretty strong walls I’d put up, observe my closed off body language, the sideway glance at the camera?

I was looking out but no one, I mean no one was getting in!

This is me now. Deciding who to trust by listening to my intuition, loving myself and receiving love from others, assertively speaking my truth, choosing healthy relationships, holding boundaries and allowing myself to be seen. Because let’s be real, going from being a hermit to blogging about my life all over the Internet has pushed me way outside my comfort zone.

It’s not been an easy climb (quite a few peaks and valleys) yet for the first time in my life, I experience daily, inner peace. Yes, I still get emotional and sometimes even reactive. I have a strong toolkit to navigate life’s canyons.

I trust and believe in myself, even when others do not.

I wondered: since so many sensitive people are struggling with the pain of rejection, could my journey help others?

What tools can I share to help you transform the pain of rejection into the power of self-belief?

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