Seeking inner peace amidst outer chaos

It would be fair to say I have been on a spiritual journey my entire life. In my experience, the most coveted (and elusive) of all spiritual practices has to be inner peace. You’ve heard about it, that zen-like state when the outside world swirls around while you remain composed, connected and unflappable. Perhaps you’ve even experienced it a time or two.

As spiritual seekers, we try many things to reach a state of inner peace:

  • Meditation (it works)
  • Sound healing (works too)
  • Yoga (feels great and yes, inner peace)
  • Tapping (didn’t resonate with me, but others swear by it)
  • Herbal remedies (peace within, questionable digestive issues without)
  • Fasting (is that my stomach growling?)
  • Walking in nature (my favorite!)
I wonder if we get so caught up in the practices of trying to achieve inner peace that we forget it is really just a state of being…

Regardless of how much we grow on our spiritual path, we will experience moments when inner peace is not possible. Some life events are simply out of our control; so release judgement and allow our human reaction. It’s perfectly okay to be furious or devastated or scared.

In these situations, it’s more about the journey we travel through acceptance and healing. Inner peace may be possible in time, with distance and perspective.

What happens when we own the reality that most of our daily struggle, however, is self inflicted? What we once thought was outer chaos is actually our inner chaos?

We hold the power: to choose how to think and to choose how to feel.

Hmm, easier said than done; it requires constant practice. A worthwhile pursuit, to become an impartial observer of your own reactions. To practice making course corrections along the way. Getting quicker at identifying thoughts and emotions that derail or deride. I caught it right away this time. I only chose destructive thinking for 30 minutes, not 30 days. I am doing so much better!

My life has completely shifted because of my commitment to choose inner peace.

Each time I come back, it’s like an old friend — ah there you are, I missed you. Hello again, so nice to be in your presence. Is it okay to sit down and visit today? Composed, connected and unflappable is a work in progress. We are it’s greatest masterpiece.

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