Three Thresholds to Authenticity

Stepping over a threshold is the metaphor I choose for this journey called life. Once I step over, a new worldview opens up — and I am never again the same.

On my own sensitive journey, I have become aware of 3 thresholds: discovery, wholeness and empowerment.

It might seem the thresholds would follow a linear process but they seem to show up in whatever order is needed. And each time I step over another it’s a deeper dive. Lately, I have been diving deep into my relationships, my leadership, my power, my life purpose, and my spiritual path.

All at once.


This threshold is that moment when random patterns coalesce into exactly what I need to see, exactly when I need to see it. For example, this morning I realized my frustration with the leadership of the company is exactly the same frustration my direct reports feel towards me. Damn.

Sometimes I am so relieved with discovery; I finally understand! Today, I simply laughed at the irony, it was right in front of me the whole time.

I believe the ability to laugh at our own fallacies is a sign of maturity.


The threshold of wholeness — what does really this mean? As some believe, are we already whole and it’s not necessary to ‘fix’ ourselves? Or, do we start this life whole and we become fragmented by painful experiences?

Is our journey simply about getting back to the state of oneness?

Wholeness is not about having it all together. I’ve accepted that I will never have it all together. Inner work and growth are my task until my last breath. No pressure, just a fact.

How can I let go of the need to have everything ‘handled’ so I can look out upon the longer view of life?


Yes! Over the empowerment threshold. What is empowering will vary from person to person. Many times, the smallest act on our own behalf feels like a huge step forward. It is.

The baby steps, the large strides and the quantum leaps all add up to one thing — owning our authenticity and shining our light out into the world. For me, empowerment has been about being unapologetically myself: at work, at home, in my relationships. Transforming my life to support my sensitive needs. Speaking my truth even when it‘s uncomfortable to do so.

Like a merry-go-round, passing over each threshold again and again. Sometimes weary, sometimes energized, always growing.

What threshold are you stepping over? I invite you to explore my upcoming group program, Three Thresholds to Authenticity — a small tribe of highly sensitive people meet online to explore that age old question ‘Who am I?”