Transform emotional intensity into emotional strength

A lifetime of feeling everything so deeply has taught me one thing: to appreciate feeling everything so deeply.

Sweet joy contrasted with agonizing heartbreak. Dark anger juxtaposed with loving compassion.

Of all the aspects of being a highly sensitive person, emotional intensity has been my closest daily companion.

For years, I tried to shut off completely, no more feelings today, thank you. Or I scratched and scrambled towards the peak of emotional overload.

My journey towards honoring my feelings as a strength led to the realization that we each have an emotional baseline. A central thread that is uniquely me or uniquely you. It’s not a straight line, more like a gently oscillating wave pattern, but always there nonetheless. So even with life’s emotional blips, we will eventually return to an inner grounded space.

Understanding our regular emotional state deepens self-compassion. ‘This situation is not permanent. Feel what is present, let it run its course and move on when ready.’

Understanding that everyone experiences blips above their emotional baseline releases judgement and holds space for authentic expression:

  • Cry when we need to cry.
  • Ask for help when we need help.
  • Be strong for others when we can.
  • Get angry and set a healthy boundary.
  • Love deeply from the heart.

Emotional strength is allowing our raw emotions without shame, guilt, or remorse.

Allowing our emotions from an authentic place is one of the many tools and skills I provide in my upcoming group coaching program, Three Thresholds to Authenticity. If you’re tired of shifting and bending yourself to meet other’s expectations, but are ready to live life by your own principles, I invite you to learn more and apply. Program begins April 25, register now.