When’s the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror?

I mean, actually stopped in front of a mirror to look yourself in the eye? Not for the purpose of checking out the latest grey hair or bemoaning that forehead wrinkle.

Really getting in touch with who you’ve become…

Whatever you are doing, I invite you to stop, find a mirror and connect deeply with yourself.

Say, ‘Hi there, it’s good to see you again old friend’.

Review your past experiences and how they’ve shaped you, become present to who you are right now, get curious about what’s still to come.

Recognize that regardless of circumstances there is always a small part of you that transcends everything else — your quintessential essence.

Allow your emotions to arise, observing what may still be holding you back and rejoice in your accomplishments.

As I connected this morning with my mirror image, the past year of my life came into review. This time last year, I was deeply hurt from a breakup, numb and uncertain where my life was going.

I decided to embark on a year long meditation practice, getting up at 4:45 to start each day with spiritual connection. Every day, a different lesson arose, some made my heart soar while others brought me deep into the trenches. Exploring how I was showing up, was I standing in my integrity?

Never before have I shown so much self discipline and today I reached the 365 mark.

Looking deep in my own eyes: yes, my essence is still there along with so much more. A quietness, contentment in my soul.

What shifted? I connected with my soulmate and began a relationship that challenges me every day to be my best self. I grew closer to family and my small tribe of friends. I became clear about my life purpose. I realized my connection to God is in every moment, every action, every gesture.

It’s quite simply how I choose to show up.

I went down into the well of personality, ego and memories to release pollutants and draw up clear, refreshing water.

I learned I am first and foremost a Divine spiritual being. I am worthy beyond measure and I can now see every other person’s worthiness despite our facades to cover pain, fear and longing.

What the next 365 days hold for me, I know not. What I do commit to this next year is stop more often to look in the mirror, to face my stuff, to own my value, to grow beyond my wildest imagination.

What did you experience when you stopped to look in the mirror? If you’d like to share what came up, shoot me a quick email at hspdfw@gmail.com.

If you are interested in what I just completed, it is called the Steps to Knowledge: a one year, self study plan that helps students apply their spiritual power out in the world. You may download it free at http://www.StepsToKnowledge.com.

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