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Why do we shy away from intensity?

Isn’t that akin to rejecting ourselves?

I’ll freely admit, I’m an intense person. I’ve always been an intense person.

I move in waves of energy: tsunami, earth tremor, gale force.

Or still pond, hibernation, clear blue sky.

When a particular level of intensity will strike me, is anyone’s guess. I worried for a long time I was too much for most people, sometimes they even told me so. I responded by trying to stuff down my enthusiasm, the volcano of thoughts and feelings right under the surface. I rarely shared my hopes, my fears or my insights with others.

The greater consciousness movement was like a dam breaking open. Imagine, so many other intense souls posting publicly on social media, revealing their authentic selves.

In reality though, I have an attraction-repulsion to others with intensity. Look how dynamic and incredible you are! I’ve finally found my people! Let’s connect and support each other and learn and grow!

Oh damn, now I’m drained.

Believe me, I’ve poured over articles and blogs that dangle the idea we can overcome this spiritual-human dichotomy. If anyone’s really figured that out, all I can tell you is please share with the rest of us.

It would be the reveal of the millennia.

I’ve come a begrudging acceptance that yes, I’m a infinitely powerful spiritual being with sigh, human energy constraints. Consider our nagging bodily needs for a moment. Here I am in the throes of inspiration, writing this post when my stomach reminds me its been hours since its last meal.

So before my body begins consuming itself from hunger, let me close by stating my current position:

I’m an intense person. I will forever be an intense person.

If you’re also an intense person, please don’t change a thing — it’s your gift.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —-

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