Amira’s Wealth

I’m leaving Alexandria forever today. I’m nervous. I never thought I would live anywhere but Earth’s capital. After all, everything is here: my family, my friends, easy access to just about anything I’ll ever need. But she is not.

My father always told me that someday I would be Earth’s first female Governor. No one really questioned my family’s ability to lead. We rectified the overpopulation problem; we unified all the territories; we built a society where no one is hungry, where there is no suffering or injustice; we have extended the human lifespan by 100 years. So why do so many still live outside of Alexandria?

The first time I ventured outside the city, I saw her in a field picking flowers. She knew who I was the second she saw me.

She wondered what I was doing outside the city. Was it curiosity? Was I running from something?

“I realize these don’t mean much in your world, but please don’t step on the peonies.” She was right. We had grown to see flowers as a meaningless gift in the city; the opposite of a tribute or show of admiration.

But that’s Nessa. She appreciates life’s small pleasures like I never learned to. It’s probably why I fell in love with her.

Unfortunately, Alexandria is closed to anyone who reached adulthood outside its walls. They say the reason is because their lives can no longer be extended, and having more death will only lead to more suffering.

The last 6 months I’ve spent with Nessa have taught me a great deal however. Why would I want to live until I’m 190? The reason she’s able to appreciate every moment is precisely because her lifespan is so short. I’ve never cared about anything as much as she did those peonies. Now I do.

Enough to leave home and start a new life with her. It won’t be a safe life. It won’t be easy. But it will be worth living.

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