4 Most Important Sensory Toys for Your Special Needs Kid You Must Have at Home

Toys are the best buddies of kids. Starting as early as infancy, up to pre-teenage years, different types of toys make for an important part of every kid’s life. These tools not just fulfil the purpose for play activities but also act as significant platform for kid’s overall development, especially if your child is someone with special needs.

Special needs sensory toys for such kids can work towards specific-area development along with serving as therapy aid. While you can find a wide range of toys for special needs children, here we list down 5 most important toys that play the biggest role in their primary brain and behavioural development:

  1. Chew Stixx
    Children who suffer from autism tend to experience different psycho-emotional issues and have a tendency to continuously chew on myriad types of objects like fingers, stationary items, shirts, etc. For such children, Chew Stixx provides the most calming and suitable hand fidget that fulfils their chewing craving comprehensively. You can find a wide range of chewy tubes autism in market and pick the one that suits your children’s needs comfortably after consulting a therapist.
  2. Auditory Processing Toys
    Special needs kids are easily and quickly irritated by the surrounding noises of the environment. It can be from traffic voice to audio from TV or in other forms. Auditory processing toys like calm headphones work well in alleviating the disturbing factors for your kid, along with enhancing their memory, speech and attention. You can also pick other auditory processing toys like talking tubes that helps in improving children’s personal, communication and social skills.
  3. Fidget Toys
    A must-have for every parent of special needs kids, these types of toys are excellent in helping children aid focus and become engaged in activities that improves their physical skill set and develop cognitive function, response senses. You can find a wide range of fidget toys online, including anti-stress gel balls, sensory seat pads, crawlies, and more.
  4. Art & Craft Toys
    Art and craft provides a highly interactive, engaging and likeable medium for children with special needs. It renders them a platform to express their emotions, find a new communicative platform, as well as develop some great skills in the process. Different art and craft toys you can pick includes paint brush sets, finger-paint paper pad, chalk activity book, origami kit and more.

Pick toys for autism or other issues that is affecting your child after knowing their needs and consulting therapists so that you know that you are providing the right self-expression and development path to them.