Sparks That Fly

Sensory Wand
May 15 · 2 min read

As any parent who has fought for support for a child with additional needs, it is a harrowing and dark process. We are forced to write bleak and unforgiving stories of our children, striping away the wonderful nuances that make them amazing people, with amazing minds. Killing of the sparks of hope and possibility to focus on challenges and seemingly unsurmountable barriers. The process is nothing short of heart breaking.

But it is entirely one dimensional, for every barrier there is a an alternative path, for every challenge an opportunity. The real beauty of a neurodiverse mind is the unimagined potential that awaits a spark to ignite it.

This is why I want to really focus on the positives, the sparks of brilliance, our moments of pride & wonder. The little glimpses into the fascinating world of the neurodiverse minds share our lives with or have ourselves.

Together let’s help change the conversation around neurodiversity by sending out these sparks of wonder that help people see us in a new light. See the potential, not fear the challenges.

Please share your moments, stories, achievements, mini milestone, anything that stops you in your tracks and makes you think WOW! Use the hashtag #SparksThatFly so we can follow our ripples of change across the ether 😀