A Guide to Coordinating Color Combinations for Bride and Groom!

Are you looking to make your wedding stand out?

Planning a wedding can be exciting and worrisome, at the same time. Brimming with the excitement, you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly so that you can revive and cherish those memories with a smile. After all, your wedding day is the biggest and most special day of your life. And, the best way to ensure this is through image consulting. Image consulting helps you enjoy your wedding day without the stress of planning.

Why should you consult an image consultant?

Weddings already come with hundreds of things to manage and look after. You wish to ensure that everything goes on hassle-free. Hiring an image consultant will help you lessen your worries. With an image consultant, you won’t have to fret about:

Choosing the ideal dress, shoes, and jewelry.

Picking the perfect tux, shoes, and accessories.

Deciding on the best color & styles for your bridesmaids & groomsmen.

Selecting a look for your parents according to the wedding theme.

Now, coming back to wedding attires and style, the first thing which catches everyone’s attention is the color you are wearing. Colors are a prerequisite to a good style statement. So, make sure to start with a unique color palette. You can draw inspiration from a variety of things including the venue, the season, and of course the mood you’re trying to set. Deciding on whether you want playful and fun or lavish and intimate mood you can pick the right colors. Remember your color combination will reflect the other design elements too, such as bridesmaid dresses and flowers, wedding theme and décor, etc.

So, if you are still not sure of which color to wear on your special day, here’s a quick guide to make a better guess. Check these pointers listed below which will help you pick the right color combination-

Things to keep in mind:

Being a bride if you wish wearing a monotone lehenga, then the groom may want to incorporate that color in the smallest detail of his outfit. Keep the coordinating color in small measure.

Contrasts are actually the best way to coordinate sometimes. For a peach lehenga of the bride you can pick a mint green for yourself. Choose a contrasting color in the same tone and you will be set.

If you are wearing a multicolored lehenga, you may ask the groom to adorn the color which is least visible in your outfit.

While choosing colors, if you were to pick an extra dupatta for your outfit- what color would you want it to be? Tell your groom to wear that color outfit.

There has already been too much said about color combinations for the bride and groom. While most of the couples tend to match their outfit colors, you may wish to break the stereotype by picking contrasting colors.

Hope this helps you pick the color for your wedding day that suits you the best! You can also hire an image consultant for your wedding. It is the best way to make your wedding stand out from the random ordinary weddings.