Stress Buster Yoga

Stress Buster Yoga from Happiness Yoga @ Mjärdevi Science Park / Date 5 Sep 2017, Tuesday — 7:30 to 8:35

Thank you Anna / Amanda for the Opportunity, We are grateful to Mjärdevi Science Park and Lena Miranda for Approving the Yoga Course.

Here you can find a small newsletter in the Q & A Format.

What is Yoga ? What is Special about Mjärdevi Science Park / Creactive morning Yoga ?

Yoga is sharing happiness. As I told you in the class, all other fitness activities like Running, Weight lifting gives you happiness in the end (or after achieving results). But in Yoga you shall obtain happiness even before starting it. Since there is no targets to achieve. Our Yoga sessions, what we started in Mjärdevi Science Park / Creactive is a special concept that me and Sunju come up with, Music, Physical, breathing, Meditating, and relaxed moves. You are already coming to work with a lot of workplace stress and targets, Morning Yoga could possibly easy out some of your stress, thats what we are hopping for.

Is Yoga Religious ?

No Its Not. Physical concepts (only 20–30% of it) of Yoga developed by many masters lived in the history and Its simply a way of life. the rest of the yoga concepts are mostly lifestyle and focusing on “focus”. Focusing on “Balance”. Focusing on feeling oneself.

Do I need to be Flexible / Strong to do Yoga ?

Absolutely Not. We do not want to test your physical ability in the Yoga sessions. You can bend, or try to bend, You can turn or try to turn, that Itself sufficient. Flexibility slowly arrives with continuous practice.

Do I need to be Vegetarian to do get the benefits Yoga ?

Not at all. You can still love bacons and meatballs and continue to be a Yoga practitioner. Basically If you continuously practice Yoga, the Desire for Food slowly go down, that I had seen in my past students.

Is it possible to loose weight with Yoga ?

Yes, Its true, you can. Basically in Yoga lifestyle, we used to ask our students to avoid Processed food, try to do “Intermittent fasting” (google it), eat a balanced meal at the correct time, do Special weight loss moves like “Boat Pose” (google it again), Give up on Sugar etc. with this, I had seen my previous students achieve great results.

What other problems Yoga could fix ?

Yoga and Yoga lifestyle, brings you a stress free life (link 1) , that indeed result into longevity, focus, balance, Chronic problems like Diabetics, Blood Pressure etc. So many scientific proof is already searchable in online.

In Our Yoga practices, we will slowly Introduce you some of the Ayurvedic Concepts. Golden Milk (Milk + Raw turmeric), (Link 2)How to Consume Garlic in a Yoga practitioner Way etc. (Watch out for Session 3, Link 2)

Why Yoga needs to associated with Massage ?

In Yoga, you automatically Increase your Blood flow very evenly, like a brisk walk. Massage helps in more blood flow, and the body feels great with it. Pressuring Certain points in the body helps brain feels great (Ex: Big thumb in the Toe, connected with headaches). Most of our students feel great about it.

Come and Relax with the Next Yoga Session and I thank once again Lena, Anna and Amanda for arranging this event. Send your feedbacks to Anna, she will forward it to us.

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