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" go back in the thread" fair enough, I’ll bookmark and wander thru it. I’m not having my desktop available and am a bit struggling on my tablet. Might not be able to until Tuesday.
" the SPLC is a joke" I’ll add it to my google list. Sources are important. I can only say no one has so characterized it to me previously. 
" every story of a “hate crime” made by an individual since Trump’s election, has been a fraud" anytime someone says 'every’, I consider it a warning flag. I will only say I’m currently supporting a friend facing discrimination, he has not chosen to go public. It does leave me leaning towards having concern in this space.
" Hell the opposite happens and there is plenty of video proof of of several incidences where anti-trump fascists attack trump supports." Actually of all the things I’ve seen, that’s probably the most disturbing. In fact, when speaking with folks who voted against trump, I always lead with that before mention of the racially charged items. Sadly too many folks are surprised to hear it, so I empathize with your need to point that out 'firmly’.
I will caution I see it as a warning flag when some one only sees the hurt to their side and not the other.
" But your horse blinders are on." Pppppffffttt. OK you don’t know me, so I’ll cut you a break. I watched the whole RNC, whole DNC conventions (well, what was broadcast by the major networks). Heck after trump won, I listened to two hours of David Duke.
Speaking of keeping the blinders off, I keep hearing about "conservative" news sites, but google isn’t helping; at least such folks chuckle at me when I try quoting any site I viewed as conservative. Happen to have a couple links to share?
Man I miss my keyboard, this was painful to type out.

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