Before starting I want to mention the small quote .In this quote may small but It will think us more.

Computing should be taught as a rigorous — but fun — discipline covering topics like programming, database structures, and algorithms. That doesn’t have to be boring”

4 W?

What, why, when, where

what is mongodb?

Basically it NOSQL (non Structured Query language). so we can handle the database architecture in any form.

Here the technical definition for mongodb:

Mongo DB is a document oriented database. It is an open source product, developed and supported by a company named 10gen.

Why should I use Mongodb?

This may be a very genuine question

because most of the time I think about why I should use the Mongodb. so

This is a very simple answer ever I created:

All the modern applications require big data, fast features development, flexible deployment and the older database systems not enough competent, so the MongoDB was obviously needed.

Main purpose to build MongoDB:

  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • High Availability
  • Scaling from single server deployments to large, complex multi-site architectures.

When I will use Mongodb?

We worked in the SQL database like (mysql,oracle,etc…).so here the challenge is maintain the relationship among the tables.

While if the following situations are arrived in our application at the time we will use mongodb.

  • My database contain richdata set
  • I want to store .img,.txt,.mp3,.mp4,.exe
  • high insert load
  • Obviously we don’t need DBA

these are all the some of the points I figured.

Finally we reach the 4 th w

where I will use mongodb?

Here the mongodb is open source platform .we can easily download .and we can use it in our local pc or global storage services


this is the official link for the mongodb.

Mongodb support all the backend api creation language. I point out some more languages

  • nodejs
  • php
  • python flask


The world upgrade each and every seconds. These mongodb technology may has some features as well as some demerits..

I hope this article 4W about mongodb helped you think 1sec about oh mongodb

Thanks for spending the time to read this article.

(slapping the keyboard , until something good happens — senthil)

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