A family with two eyes

A twelve-year-old boy’s plea…

Senthil Selvan
Dec 7, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Author — https://www.instagram.com/hemanth_gps_101/

Thunderstorm or windstorm,
we have to dwell on the platform.
No electricity or rental charge,
but my house is very large.

I’m a twelve years old boy,
called by everyone as Dhananjay.
Both of my parents are blind,
but they are very kind.

Making a living under the hot sun
by selling children’s books and pens.
For me, education is a fantasy,
ironically an illiterate helping literacy.

Would lead my parents within the train
like an engine of a mini-train.
Holding father’s cane in one hand, and books in other,
mother would follow my father holding his shoulder.

We all yell “Children’s book and pen”
to sell a few after bargaining with little gain.
It’s all for one good meal,
so I don’t care what others feel.

My father always thinks I were born in the wrong place
But I believe everyone is created for a reason in this world of maze.
My parents want to see me as a doctor or engineer,
but I expect nothing else than their love to cheer.

It took some time for me to realize
that our family has only two eyes.
So God has given me a duty
of showing my parents the world’s beauty.

Now I feel like a satellite
sharing information that excites.
Below is the summary of what I see
and it also contains my personal plea.

The cloudy sky looks like a painting on our roof.
The breezy night is a natural A/C which makes me to the hoof.
Shining stars are decorative lights for our bedroom.
Chirping insects add music with the heavenly fragrance of lily blooms.

Impassable mountains, thick green forests, babbling brooks,
hummingbirds and blossoming trees to hook.
Unexplainable beauty of nature
and an incredible ecosystem in God’s creature.

People including children are addicted to a device
in the name of work or hobby and they are paying the price.
Broken relationships, stress, anxiety, spoiled culture
and above all, missing the beauty of nature’s creatures.

The world is full of atrocities
and there is no iota of humanity.
These are all the things my eyes are seeing,
but my father says that there are still a few good people who keep the world moving.

I am doing my bit for this society,
having education and environment as my priority.
Gifting one book and pen every month for a needy
and planting a tree every week as my duty.

Now coming to my personal plea.
Don’t drink and drive. And never hit and flee.
I’m the right one to put this humble request
as I lost my beautiful family and now no one can reset.

I gestured, shouted with panic while crossing the road,
but the inebriated driver hit our mini train and everyone got mowed.
The real blind are those who disregard others suffering
and we can’t wake up those who are pretending to be sleeping.

Though I’m not present now, I conveyed everything in the present tense
because I feel like living with you and so I think it makes sense.
Still, I am contributing to society, not physically
but I can trigger someone to write like this thoughtfully.

With Love,

Senthil Selvan

Written by

Nature lover spending most of the time experimenting with plants. Enjoy rain and petrichor. Love writing on nature and human relationships.

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