Python (An interesting story)

Python is a programming language. It works more quickly and integrates the system more effectively compare to other languages. It developed in late 1980s. But it released in 1991. Guido Van Rossum enveloped this language. The name inspired from a British Comedy group Monty Python.

Most of the programming languages similar to their previous version. But Python entirely different from Python2.x and Python3.x .Python2.0 was released in 2000. Python3.0 was released in 2008.

There are many difference between this Python versions.


Python2 print statement.

>>> print “HelloWorld”

It rounds the calculation down to the nearest whole number.

>>> 7/2

Print statement has been replace with a print() function.

Strings are stored as ASCII by default.

Many libraries built for Python2 are not forwards-compatible.

It is still firmly established in the software a certain companies.


>>> print (“Hello World”)
Hello World

The expression will return the expected result.

>>> 7/2

Text strings are unicode by default.

Many of today’s developers are creating libraries strictly for use with Python3.

It will take over Python2 by 2020.