Examine Your Experience

Light shines with multiple rays into a dark cave
Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

A jigsaw puzzle needs to have all of its pieces to be complete.

Those parts of you that you hide for safekeeping must come out and form a part of the whole.

Those things you don’t want to deal with,

Those feelings that you don’t want to feel,

Are a part of your journey towards wholeness.

Gently allow yourself to step into the light of full awareness.

These things exist within you whether you acknowledge them or not,

And they will play a part in all you do and think.

It is necessary to capture and examine every stray thought.

And when all comes into focus, then all can be made one,

All can be integrated.

Take your time to do this,

To form a habit of bringing all into the light,

Because everything is useful.

There is only one unified experience that you are having

And everything matters,

Even those things you consider small enough to dismiss.

Living within a stream of emotions and reactions as you do

Requires that all be placed upon the conveyor belt passing under this light.

Some are bigger and some are smaller and only transitory,

But this discipline releases you into your full potential,

So that nothing may hinder you from your progress;

Nothing may get clogged in the wheels of forward motion.

This is essential to the task of living,

Of realising your human-ness in its fullness:

To bring all into an awareness of the totality of your being,

Because this enables all of your being to be transformed,

To enable you to transcend that which makes you feel stuck or trapped.

It is a force of liberation within you,

To examine all of your experience and bring it into the light.



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