Sentinel — Announcing the dVPN Node Host Incentive Program

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Example reference of the leaderboard that will be launched for Node Hosts in order to keep track of their respective bandwidth statistics as well as position in the leaderboard

Notice: The dVPN Node Host Incentive Program will be live from the 20th of May 2019, 00:00:01 UTC to 20th of August 23:59:59 UTC. Rewards will be distributed at the beginning of each month (starting from July 1st).

As Sentinel comes closer to it’s swap from Ethereum to it’s upcoming Tendermint mainnet, the network will soon be monetized where node hosts can make money by charging for bandwidth consumption.

Announcing the dVPN Node Host Incentive Program

Individuals or organizations operating dVPN nodes on the Sentinel Ethereum Testnet will be incentivized for doing so in proportion to their bandwidth contribution.

This program is being conducted to:

  1. Assimilate participants to the process of setting up a functional node that provides true utility to users all over the world
  2. Make participants aware of the volume of traffic that the node services in order to
  3. Identify potential validators who show their desire to support the Sentinel ecosystem by exhibiting a high level of participation in the live dVPN network
  4. Gather more data in order to aid node hosts in constructing potential revenue models

The Sentinel Tendermint Mobile dVPN application and wallet is under development and a new desktop dVPN client will soon be released. Within the coming weeks Tendermint node hosts will also be eligible for the incentivization program.

The Sentinel dVPN Tendermint and Ethereum Testnets are both powered by nodes offering the OpenVPN protocol. The following protocols will be supported in upcoming releases:

  1. WireGuard on Tendermint — for Desktops (Mac, Windows & Linux)
  2. WireGuard on Tendermint — for Mobile (Android)
  3. SOCKS5 on Tendermint — for public release after WireGuard
  4. Ikev2 on ETH — iOS only — for public release this quarter

Download Sentinel Desktop and Mobile apps on th official Sentinel website

Participation (or) Rules of Engagement

Participate and help drive true utility by providing bandwidth to thousands of daily users (image from

Using the URL below, you can access the instructions to host a Sentinel dVPN Node — or an OpenVPN Exit Node on the Ethereum Network:

URL with instructions:

1) dVPN nodes that contribute a bandwidth of 300GB or above within the month will receive $25 worth of SENT

Currently within the Ethereum testnet, each node must have it’s own ERC20 wallet address, in the near future one Tendermint wallet will have the ability to manage multiple nodes.

2) Top 20% of dVPN nodes that contribute bandwidth (or) nodes that contribute over 750GB per month (which ever is higher) will receive $50 worth of SENT

For example, assume there are 40 nodes in the network. Let’s say, of 40, only 10 nodes contributed over 1TB each. Since top 20% (of 40 nodes) would mean 8 nodes (20% of 40 = 8) and 10 nodes contributed over 1TB each, all 10 nodes will be eligible for this reward.

3) Nodes are required to be up for all days in a month except for a period of 24 hours throughout the month

This will enable the network to ensure sure there’s high availability at all times.

4) A maximum of 50 Node Hosts will be rewarded every month

Nodes are recommended to participate in the light client network to be able to provide large amounts of bandwidth to the users of the Sentinel dVPN Android application.

The option to participate is available in the command prompt when mounting the dVPN docker image.

Sentinel is looking to scale as a network with service providers (node hosts) and consumers (users). We consider user adoption as key to growth of the network and is the primary reason for the project to reward high bandwidth contributors.

Rewards for the previous month will be distributed on 10th of every calendar month

Configuration required to host a dVPN Node

Below is the configuration required to run a dVPN Node on the Sentinel Network:

  • CPU — 1 or 2 cores
  • RAM — 2GB
  • Storage — 10GB
  • Bandwidth —preferably unmetered

Potential VPS Providers for hosting dVPN Nodes

a) Providers that accept BTC (are Unmetered and are affordable too)

If you are a data center/provider or are aware of any hosting providers that accept cryptocurrency for hosting nodes, do not hesitate to comment on this blog and join the Sentinel community chat on Telegram to announce the same.

b) Providers that accept fiat:

Final points to note

  • Max bonus is $60 worth of SENT per month per dVPN Node after contributing 1TB to the network
  • All rewards will be paid in SENT

Update #1 — 19th May — Added instructions 3 & 4 before the start of the Node Host Incentive program

Update #2–21st June — Added time and timezone for start and end times of the Node Incentive program


We support anyone that wants to accept SENT as a payment method, run the Sentinel Private Net for their organization or community or develop tooling for the Sentinel Network. For partnerships of any kind or media enquiries please email —

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Sentinel Network is a network layer that enables a true p2p and decentralized applications and resources marketplace. Sentinel enables anyone to create Public and Private networks that provide access to both free and incentivized, and also payment method agnostic (pre-paid/escrow/post-paid) services (dApps) & distributed resources, enabling its clients to become both producers and consumers in the network.

Sentinel utilizes locking, staking and multi-sig directly from Tendermint core and Cosmos SDK and aims to fully eliminate the disadvantages of previous generation protocols, that couldn’t scale due to limitations of the blockchain they share with other dApps or that have an unsustainable economic model that reduces usability or access to the product they offer.

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