I am proud to announce the launch of Sentire Media Network an innovative, full-service podcast network for media brands, personalities and premier organizations in the world of motorsports. Sentire will provide production, marketing, sales, and audience development services for its expanding number of partners.

Rob D’Amico Sentire’s Chief Content Officer is working with partners to build a “dream team” network of motorsports audio content. At launch, Sentire holds 6 commitments for a total of 10 shows from media outlets, organizations, and personalities, including programming from WFO Radio; Down and Dirty Radio; Bob Varsha; and others. …

The traditional “buyer” journey from prospect to deal has vanished, in part by the emergence and adoption of Social Media and the Web 2.0. In a simpler time, the traditional buyer journey looked something like this:

The responsibility of marketers in the old world was to create awareness (and great marketers were also effective at advocacy). To generalize, marketers were responsible for 20% of the buyer journey and salespeople were responsible for the other 80%. Much like kicking a field goal, the marketers snapped and held the ball, while the salesperson came in to kick it through the uprights.

The Zero Moment of Truth

Today, increased interconnectivity changes that traditional buyer journey model, and makes way for the Zero Moment of Truth. In this stage, immediately after the stimulus and before the First Moment of Truth, the prospect searches for information that influences their buying decisions. …


Sentire Media

Sentire Media is a full-service digital agency that in 2018 launched our Sentire Media Network, focused on aggregating and production of podcasts.

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