Hindi mo ako kilala. Ang blog na ito ay tulong ko sa iyo na makilala kung sino ako o sinoto.

SINOTO works in an undisclosed agency by day and causes himself to write more than usual about the many things that concerns him most by night. Particularly, these are unpublished books, poems, songs and some other stuff found at He also loves running, bowling and Kobe Bryant.

(Contact: Let’s have a talk! Send me a message at for blogging/writing invitations, etc.)

About @sentirem:

-All things posted here are mostly written with a reformed accent” (Note that “mostly”).

-By saying “reformed,” I mean to say how I highly regard His sovereignty. I can help you understand what I mean to say by this, this, or much better, this (I must admit to have preferred the latter though).

-Quotes, terms and studies will be cited accordingly (Just look for the underlined words I use for this bullet, which serves as samples).

-You are free to share my stories but please be reminded that these are only my personal views and opinions and do not reflect the views of those mentioned in each article and professing Evangelicals in general.

-I’d be happy to hear your response to each of the article I’ve written. Feel free to write one on Medium or by contacting me at

  • Most of the photos used in my articles (at times even my profile image) were taken from here and/or here (Speaking of freebies). But occasionally, you may find some that were personally taken by me.
  • I don’t force myself to write on a regular basis. I usually write depending on whichever interests me OR when I have the luxury of time to do so OR when I’m commissioned to do so.
  • If you’re a random reader like I am, you may begin here.

(Contact: Let’s have a talk! Send me a message at for blogging/writing invitations, etc.)

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