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The demand for content marketing is increasing day by day and it is becoming a new trend. In all over the world, there is huge market of it especially in New York, there are the vast amount of content marketing services in New York and it shows that it is a major trend in New York. These are some of the best content marketing strategies for 2020 so read this article to get well prepared for the upcoming year. These all strategies are extremely crucial which will definitely help you in the upcoming year 2020 as the market is growing rapidly.

Live video will continue to dominate

The digital marketing world has predicted that 13% of the internet will consist of live videos until 2020. As nowadays every major social platform is supporting live videos. So with that, it is easily visible that the live videos will continue to dominate in the upcoming year for sure as live videos have a very large demand in the field of content marketing.

Content will be tailored around long keywords

In recent years the searching criteria are well changed by conversation artificial intelligence (AI) and it is confirmed that by 2020 the 50% of the searches will be voice searches. Google Hummingbird has updated semantic phrases so now by 2020 people will use more semantic phrases rather than using normal keyword phrases which is an extremely plus point in the field of content marketing as more and more content will be tailored around long keywords.

Immersive technologies will gain prominence

5G has already undergone its first commercial implement in March 2019, we can easily assume that by 2020 5G will reach its highest brands, potential and marketers would deliver content which will be compatible with 5G. One of its biggest advantages is immersive technologies such as VR and AR. So it is also a very amazing and a plus point in the field of content marketing those immersive technologies will gain a lot of prominences.

Interactive marketing will drive engagement

There are 2 main challenges for content marketers

1 attracts a large amount of online audience within a very short attention span.

2 fight the biggest and main online clutter

So, to tackle these challenges the content marketers have been using interactive content for example quizzes, surveys, polls, contests, interactive videos, games, etc. So in this way, the interactive marketing will surely drive engagement in this content marketing field. The only reason why the interactive market will surely engage is that so many content marketers will surely be finding ways to avoid themselves from those 2 challenges and whatever they will do to avoid those challenges it will increase the interactive market in this field.

The content experience will be the face of content marketing

Content experience matters a lot in the field of content marketing as every single content conveys an experience whether a good one or a bad one. Content experience is the key amalgamation of context, the structure of the content and interface and this is why content experience is the key strategy in the field of content marketing. The content experience will be the face of content marketing means that the whole content marketing will surely rely on content experience by 2020 and content experience will have a very large market in this field.


So these were some of the amazing strategies that will surely help you in the upcoming year so be prepared for these strategies. The world is growing every day with this so many fields or companies are also growing like this content marketing field, it is a field which is growing every minute because of its extremely high demand across the world. In many big countries of the world, it is a well-known market like in America, UK, Belgium and many countries of Europe, it is not only famous in Europe but also in Australia and New Zealand it is extremely popular. So it is clear that it will be a very well known market in all over the world by 2020 and every country will use it. It is important to prepare yourself from now and these strategies above will surely help you a lot as already mentioned these are the key strategies in the field of content marketing. So what are you waiting for make yourself prepare for the upcoming year as these key strategies will definitely help you to become successful in the field of content marketing?



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