List of Tools for Multi-Platform Mobile App Development

It’s the time when smart phones and its users have been wide spreading universally. The increasing uses of mobile applications have taken the centre state among the professional technologists, enterprises and everyday users. Over the past few years people’s interests have been shifted to iPhone and Android mobile application development and such OS enabled devices.

Many business organizations are providing their products and services through personalized mobile applications. iPhone & Android mobile app development companies are focusing to create most effective, easy and usable mobile applications. By the passage of time you need to upgrade it but choosing any of the mobile platforms is quite difficult. So here we have several multi-platform app developments with their limitations and benefits. Such steps will prevent you from wasting all of your resources on developing for a specific platform. Here is a list of multi-platform tools for mobile app development, have a look:


It is great HTML5 mobile app framework that has developed web applications that has similar look and working to the native apps. This tool provides MVC architecture, extensible API, UI component library, and several UI themes which you can use with Snecha native packager & Phone Gap.


It is an open source framework based on ruby. It allows the developers to create native apps traversing over a list of OS & smartphones. It includes the most popular OS named as Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone etc. This framework allows the user to code only once and the code can be utilized to develop apps for almost major platforms. You can work with all platforms using native apps as it offers ease of doing, speed and accuracy.

Phone Gap

It is a Foss environment that allows the developers to create apps for Android, Symbian, iPhone, iPAd, BlackBerry etc. standard languages like HTML and JavaScript is used in this framework for development. It allows the developers to work with different device hardware like accelerometer, GPS location, sound, camera etc.


It is an open source environment for development of Smartphone app. It uses HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 type standard web technologies. This platform includes source code editing, debugging, versioning, project management etc. It can be used to create apps for Android, iPhone, Web OS.

Except this you can also use Whoop, MoSync type multi-platform mobile application development tools for user and professional’s convenience.