How To Celebrate Your Kid’s 10th Birthday

The 10th birthday of your child signals the nearing of the teen years and end of childhood as it is known. It is the time to usher in, his or her age in double figures for the first time.

This is an exciting time for your child as he or she begins to feel all grown up. Hitting double figures demands a special birthday celebration like a sleep over with friends or a party. It is also the occasion to celebrate a milestone in your child’s life- the end of primary school.

Planning a party:

Children will embark on a totally new phase in their lives. Though they may still enjoy kiddie’s games, they might yet be unwilling to admit it in public. They will flit between ‘being cool’ and just having fun. A 10th birthday is at the middle of being a kid and growing up, so it befits a special kind of celebration. A celebration must be planned with care. First thing is to order or send birthday cake online India, if you have no time to bake or shop.


A 10-year-old will love a party with a theme but their concept of a theme may have changed radically. Their wish list may range from a usual birthday party to something a bit more grown up; you have to get the mix right. There are many choices for themes but make sure it fits the personality of your child.

Here are some ideas for themes:

For boys:

  • Army or G.I.Joe
  • Super heroes
  • Harry Potter
  • Sports theme
  • Fear factor

A sports theme will be ideal for this age group, especially if your kid is a sports fan. They are allowed to run around and play games at the party which is just right for kids. But also, the games must not be too babyish which they find it embarrassing.

If your kid loves to follow Fear factor on TV, it can become a suitable theme. Organize games based on fear factor, albeit much less dangerous and more enjoyable. Kids will enjoy being just their age while also feel grown up.

For girls:

  • Hannah Montana
  • Ballerina
  • Hello Kitty
  • Hollywood
  • Around the world
  • Slumber party

Picking a particular place as a theme is a great idea, especially if your girl is in love with a special place for e.g., Hawaii can be an ideal theme. You can match the decorations, the food and the music as per the location. You can arrange for online birthday cakes in India to match the theme. The party can be as child-like or grown up as possible.

Slumber party or pyjama party is another great hit with girls. A super slumber party will involve the kid and her friends staying up insanely late, telling jokes, watching movies, playing games and organizing midnight parties.

Birthday Party Venues:

If you want a special celebration for a 10th birthday party but don’t have time to organize a party at home, consider hosting a party at the following special venues where there are plenty of fun activities for kids:

  • Rock climbing
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Craft workshops
  • Movies
  • Horse riding
  • Family restaurants
  • Concert or show
  • Go Karting
  • Sports event
  • Theme park
  • Water Park or aquatic centre.

These are some ideas about how to host kid’s 10th year birthday party.

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