How To Search For An Ideal Lawyer In Dubai?

In the beginning of every business in the UAE two personnel are always needed. First is the accountant who sets up all your financial figures, accounts and costs in sequence and prepares all the tax matters, calculates and lists expenses, gains and losses etc. Other one is the attorney, there may be various reasons to hire an attorney so one obvious reason may be difficult to state.

Assistance provided by the attorney:

A functional and organized attorney provides all the essential assistance to a business in all aspects. These aspects include trademark, copyright, lawsuits, liability, access to loans, zoning compliance and lots more. But one question arises in the mind is how to chose an experienced attorney who has the knowhow of everything. For this you need to ask him some questions.

These are some of the questions you need to ask before hiring an attorney.


Never be afraid to inquire about the experience of your attorney. Although Dubai lawyers are vastly experienced but still you should ask whether they can handle your business or have they ever provided legal assistance to any corporate firm before. You can also ask for documentary proves if they say yes.

Good connections:

A good attorney has well established connections. It is hard for an attorney to be an expert of all areas of business and know everything about all areas of law. So if you need any specialized legal need regarding your business needs, either the attorney should be able to cope with it or refer you to someone else who is expert in that specific area. He/she should have sound working relationships to save you from the fuss of running to other attorneys whenever you face diverse legal problems.

Has the attorney other clients in the industry:

Ask your attorney whether he/she has other clients in the business industry? Is he/she familiar with the industrial environment and its norms? If the attorney has not dealt with the same cases like yours then he/she should not go for it. He/she should send you to the best possible option in his/her view who can handle all your business needs.

Make sure the attorney doesn’t advocate your competitors:

Also be aware of the attorney who represents your competitors. Although the code of ethics prohibit the attorney to keep all the information to himself and strictly confidential, but still no one wants any kind of important, sensitive information and matters to be leaked to the competitors.

Look for the best out of three:

Normally there are three types of attorneys all law firms have.

1. A finder

2. A minder

3. A grinder

The first type of attorney searches out for new businesses and clients while the minder tackles and handles the new clients and at the same time ensures that the current clients are happy and content. A grinder is the one who manages the main tasks of the clients. Make sure your attorney has all the specialties of the minder and the grinder. If you find out that the person dealing you is not the right type, ask that person that you want to discuss the matters with the grinder. Last thing is to make sure you feel at ease when discussing with him/her. If not change your attorney or firm.

Is the attorney acquainted with latest techniques:

A good attorney should take out some time from his schedule to educate you and your staff about all the legal complications. He should be able to explain simply on what a specific law tells and effects your way of doing business. This makes you able to spot and fix all the problems. Dubai lawyers distribute handouts, newsletters etc to describe the differences between the old and recent changes in the law that can affect your business or not. Educating the staff and giving handy material is a new technique attorneys use these days.