Things That Make Damon Braces Different from Other Braces

Unlike other types of braces Damon braces work with unique clips. This is different from other braces in that they work at a greater rate and are much more comfortable than other types of braces. Here is a look at what makes these braces different from others.

The first thing to note about Damon braces is that of how they are built. These braces work in that instead of using elastic bands to hold wires small clips are used for handling these wires. These clips are ones that are made partially of metal and can handle the wires without putting too much pressure on your teeth.

Damon brace can be used to help with improving not only the straightness of the teeth but also the width of the back teeth. These braces are noted for being to work with the back and side teeth to get them to be expanded so that wider smiles can be created.

These clips are also must smaller than that of other bands that have been used in the past for other types of braces. While they may not be fully invisible they are not as easy to see or notice as other types of braces are.

Damon braces can work at a faster rate than other types of braces. This is because with Damon braces there is a reduced amount of friction that occurs between the brackets and the wires. Thanks to this lack of friction, it will be easier for the teeth to move into place properly. They will also cause a substantially lower amount of pain than that of traditional braces.

In fact, the rate that these braces work at can be especially quick. Thanks to the lack of friction Damon braces can work four months faster than that of other braces.

Because of the lower amount of materials used on these braces there are fewer standard adjustment visits needed for Damon braces than that of other braces. For Damon braces a typical patient will need to visit with an orthodontist every ten weeks instead of every six to eight weeks.

The last of the differences that these braces feature is that they are easier to clean than other types of braces. With a smaller appearance food will not be as likely to get caught in one’s braces as other materials. The lack of elastic bands in these braces is also very convenient.

Damon braces are very different from other orthodontic options for a variety of reasons. These braces are less visible and will not work with as much friction. As a result, they are easier to handle and can take less time to work than other options can.

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