How to Make PC Run Faster Without Hassle

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Nobody wants to make use of a sluggish PC. If you are also from the same group then instead of banging your head against your PC, read on this post and make your PC run faster.

1. Simplify startup collections

There are some programs starting automatically when you give your PC a run. These programs usually eat up CPU usage and system resources. It’s needless to say that these unwanted programs at startup will certainly extend the boot time of your PC. For managing the start up list, simply head to Start/Run option, type ‘msconfig’ and then hit Enter. Under startup tab, you would be able to check the list of startup programs. Now uncheck all those programs that you do not need at the time of boot and click Apply. If you are not much familiar with technology then don’t disable the programs you don’t know about especially antivirus programs.

2. Get rid of Unwanted Programs

There must be a hoard of applications available on your system that you may no longer need. Regarding some of them, you would even not be aware of as they were automatically downloaded on your system with other programs. These unwanted applications are the main hindrance behind the slow speed of your PC. To get rid of such an apps, navigate to Start option, then move to Control panel > Add/Remove Programs. From here, you can remove the ones you don’t need any more. Out of installed programs, there might be some; you would not be sure about. For such programs, you can search Google and explore regarding their workings.

3. Free you system from registry on regular basis

As days’ passes, Windows registry accumulates junk after uninstalling programs from your PC, which in result can slow the speed of your system and may lead to the poor performance of your system. So, for having the taste of a faster PC, there must be a hold of an advanced registry optimizer that can not only remove invalid logs but also can help in removing viruses and spywares from your system. Bonus tip: Be cautious while selecting the registry cleaner for your system. Because there are many applications available in the market claiming themselves as the best cleaner for PC, but in reality they not are.

4. Verdict

Here’s to hope that this tutorial will satisfy your query regarding how to boost computer speed. By following all the above methods, you can easily give your Windows machine a smart run. These tips will not only improve the speed of your computer but will also let your system breathe new life. Happy Computing!

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