The Facts About STD testing

STDs are the sexually transmitted disease, which if not treated properly can prove to be fatal. These cause pain in the genital areas. Most of the time, the STDs do not come with any type of symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you do not have any. The risk factor developing STDs are pretty high if you are sexually active. Even if these do not have any symptoms, it is often recommended to get tested for the sexually transmitted diseases. It should be noted that if these are left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems such as infertility, blindness, organ damage and cancer.

Rapid Std Testing

As per the reports of Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year about 20 million new sexually transmitted infections happen in the United States itself. Nevertheless, not all the people get the correct treatment for STIs. Sometimes these sexually transmitted diseases have few symptoms or no symptoms at all. Thus, the disease can be easily ignored by the people. The STIs are related to a number of myths which is why people are uncomfortable for getting them tested. But if you do not get tested, the disease may increase, only if you have.

Thus, it is always suggested to talk to your doctor about the STD testing.

Who should be tested?

Often it is recommended that people who are sexually active should undergo the STD testing. It is not necessary that people involved in sex are only sexually active, even the ones involved in oral (receiving or the giving) must get themselves checked for STD. You should get the STD testing done under the following conditions:

· If you are to enter in a new relationship with a person.

· If you and your partner are not using condom while sexual activities

· Your partner has had several partners.

· You have had multiple partners

· You have slightly visible symptoms.

If you have been in a relationship with your partner for a long time and you had got STD tested prior to getting into the relationship, you may not be required to get the test done. But there are many couples who do not get STD test done before getting into the relationship, thus it is essential for them to get into the relationship. There might be high risk factors that any one of you may be suffering from STD if you are sexually active. Thus, the most proper way to determine the fact is to get the testing done.

Which sexually transmitted infections should be tested for?

There are a varied range of STIs. Therefore, you should always consult the doctor before getting the testing done. Some of the most prominent infections for which you should get the testing done include

· Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV

· Syphilis

· Hepatitis B

· Chlamydia

· Gonorrhea

· Trichomoniasis

The testing for Herpes won’t be recommended until you have any exposure of the symptoms. If you want, you can get the testing done, only after consulting your doctor.

Where can be the STI testing done?

The recommended place for getting the sexually transmitted disease testing done is either at the office of your doctor or any sexual health clinic. You may choose any of this place as per your own preference and then get the testing done.

Get Tested

There are several sexually transmitted infections which needs to be tested. Thus, your doctor will need to produce your health reports incase they are positive to the government. The government then uses this list to keep a track of the information about STIs to inform the initiatives related to the public health organizations.

Some of the prominent sexually transmitted infections include

· Chlamydia

· Hepatitis B

· Syphilis


· Chancroid

· Gonorrhea

There are other options for getting the STD tested. These may include home tests and the several online tests. Nevertheless, you should completely believe these tests as they are not completely reliable. To check upon the approved tests, you should always keep a check on the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

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