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2 min readMay 19, 2019


Hello there, Chaplin family! I thought it would be funny to put this page at the top of Google for “Evesham SEO” or “Evesham SEO Expert”.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an incredibly lucrative skill that enables a local business to grow massively. Consider this list of keywords (search phrases) and their value:

Some keywords related to plumbing in the capitol

“Search” is the the number of searches per month for each phrase.
“CPC” is the “cost per click” — the amount of money you spend per click if you run ads in Google for each phrase. This tool only gives the CPC in US Dollars, but you get the idea.

There are thousands of people searching for plumbers every month and a local business that ranks both #1 and in the Google maps section tends to get 40% of all interactions. Furthermore, people can directly call you through your map listing if they are on a phone.

The first two keywords alone result in about 1.000 clicks per month if you have top rankings. This is free traffic, because you’re ranking at the top. But if you were to get this traffic from running Google Ads, the cost would be, say, 20.000 Dollars per month, if we say the average cost per click is $20. That does not even include the phone calls (I’d expect over 100 per month coming through maps in this case).

So now you see the marvelous potential for customer acquisition that top-ranked local business have. It’s no good for small towns with barely any searches, so doing local Evesham SEO would be a little silly, but it’s an astronomical opportunity for large metropolitan areas.

Barely anyone who offers SEO services is actually good at it, because it is secret how Google works.

The only way to know how to rank a website at the top is to reverse engineer how Google works. We do this through extensive testing with thousands of websites that we control and observe how they behave in the search engine. This way we can figure out the rules of the game. One of my associates spends about $100.000 per year to do such tests.

Slaine and I are very good friends, so it would be my pleasure to work with anyone in the family on their business and get you to that level — or with any other business owners that you know.

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