Why should learn Java Programming Language?

Java has so many features that makes it adaptable by the all.Java is easy understandable and platform independent (OS independent) and machine independent. It is write once and run anywhere.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language , that has so many features to adopt the java language. Java is more secure because of its objective nature. Objects are independent to each other and everything in java is a form of object.

Object is nothing but a physical entity that capture the state and behaviour.

For example : Student Ram is an object . He is studying .In here we can see that the name -Ram is the state of student & studying is the behaviour of the student;

Object : Student Ram

State: Ram

Behaviour : Study

Why should learn Java ?

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(1) Java is easy to learn and easy to understand :Syntax of Java is written in English language.So it is easy to learn . Once we know to install the JDK (Java Development Kit) and how to set path,then easily we can write the java program.

(2) Java is purely Object Oriented : Another reason to adopt java is that it is an Object Oriented Programming language. Develop the application on OOPs is much easier because once we know the 6 OOPs concept (Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism , Abstraction And Encapsulation ) we will be able to write the program.

(3) Java has Strong API : Java API(Application Programming Interface ) is more rich and highly visible because of installation . Java provides Applets (Applets having great animation capability).

Java provides API for Input/Output(I/O), utilities, database connection and networking.

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(4) Java provides powerful Integrated Development Environment (development tools)like Eclipse, Netbeans:

We can easily code in IDE inspite of DOS Edit or Notepad. IDE provides the code completion and debugging capability.

IDE make java development much easier, faster and fluent.It makes java

code easy to search , refactor and read .

Java platform also has some other tools like Maven and ANT for developing the java application.
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(5) Java has Rich Open Source Libraries :

Because of Open Source libraries java should be used any where . Google, Apache and other organisation has provided the lots of libraries , which makes the java application easy , faster and cost — effective.

Java Framework like Spring , Struts and Maven ensures the best development of Software


(6) Great Community support : Java has a community to help beginners , advanced and also for expert java developer. Lots of developers , who use open source , contribute as commiter . Expert programmer provides advice FREE at various java forums .

This is making a java to learn easily. For learning Java easily attain Infocampus Marathahalli.

(7) Java Is FREE and Open Source: Java is free i.e. we don’t need to pay to develop the java project ,we can download the JDK free .Because of FREE it makes java popular among individual developers.

(8) Documentation support : Javadocs is a great piece of documentation, Javadoc provides reference while coding in java. We get the all information in our IDE Window .

(9) Platform Independent: This is the another reason for making the java popular. Platform independent means java runs on every Operating System.Once we write the java program in one and can run on other machine.Like write the java program in Unix and run on Windows.

(10) Java is Everywhere :

Java Application can be used on Desktop, Laptop and mobile. i.e. Java application can be used any where. It supports write once and run anywhere.

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