preston@prestonhudman.comBuying Views Will KILL Your YouTube Channel

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preston@prestonhudman.comBuying Views Will KILL Your YouTube Channel!

How To Get A Silver Play ButtonYouTube and the industry of hackers who produce YouTube views are working together to stop users from having success on the platform as well as make a lot of fraudulent money together. Getting verified on YouTube requires that you reach 100k subscribers and also be a member of the YouTube Partner Program and qualify to receive a silver play button to which some users are denied for reasons relating to the purchasing of there supposed fan bases. Those who are denied are getting denied because they bought views NOT because they bought subs. It is the purchasing of views that destroys a metric in the analytics called subscriber watch time percentage and when you drive this number too low it means you get disqualified fro the reward when you reach 100k. Not only does it lower it but because of how percentages work its a mathematical fact that the more total watch time you have, the longer it will take to rescue the metric and so those who have purchased a lot of views have permanently damaged there channel and it will likely take years of subscribers watching your videos 24/7 in a loop just to reach a mere 10% sub watch time percentage. This is because when you buy views you are getting NON subscriber watch time from them. The only way to fix it is by having subscribers manually watch your videos 24/7 and it takes a long time to fix with just 4k hours of watch time however for those with millions of mins of watch time the channel is dead. Furthermore YT has made changes to the website to counter the efforts of Preston Hudman, the man who has been hacking subscriber watch time and YouTube as a whole for the last several years. The evidence is irrefutable and members of the smm industry who make a living selling views admits to this on skype in a one on one conversation with Preston. Every business, creator, user of YouTube must now face the possibly that they have been scammed in a big way and have had there hopes dreams, investments absolutely ruined by YouTube itself AND the ones who sold them those views. Google EXPOSED.Preston Hudman is a Social Media Marketer and Data Analyst who has been investigating Google for the last 4 years but has been active on social media since 2012. He claims that Google is obsessed with him and that he is responsible for literally all of the changes made to YouTube since late 2016/early 2017. Preston is most active on Instagram @prestonhudman Go say hello :)