Today, websites are more and more relying on JavaScript to be fully functional. JavaScript errors can dramatically affect end user experience. It’s important to detect such errors and fix them before they hit your end users. The vast majority of tools, if not all, help to find JavaScript errors with…

JavaScript errors report
We added a new report in the SEO reports page. This report called ‘JavaScript errors’ helps to identify pages that may have rendering issues due to JavaScript errors. Like the other reports, it displays groups by the number of JavaScript errors and URLs in each group.

Groups of JavaScript errors

This is the end of the year, a period to step back and see the bigger picture. We want to take this opportunity to announce you a major update in SEO4Ajax.

So far, all our attention was focused on the core features of the service. This way, during the past…

Development of the SEO4Ajax service continues apace. At SEO4Ajax, you’ve always been the inspiration, especially when it comes to product features. Our product progression is driven by your feedback. Today, we’re thrilled to share three handy new features we’ve been working on this summer. These features are immediately available for…

SEO optimization is a key factor to be considered when developing a website.
What are the SEO good practices?
Through this post, we will give you a list of tips based on lessons learned from operating our service SEO4Ajax, and that are essential from our point of view.


Crawler /…


La 7ème édition du SMX Paris 2016 s’est déroulée les 1er et 2 juin à l’Espace Cap 15. Le SMX est l’événement de référence dans le search marketing. …

We often hear about user experience (UX) without really knowing what it is about, and how to optimize it. This article intends to give you an overview of what UX is. …

Are you struggling to understand how SEO4Ajax works?

Have a look on the following video to discover in less than 3 minutes how easy it is to get started!

At SEO4Ajax, we continuously do our best to make our service customizable while, at the same time, remaining easy to use.

First, after much work and testing, we are very excited to announce the release of our new authenticated API. Here is the good news: all the actions you can…


Making AJAX SEO Friendly

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