Major difference between the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools

Google analytics and google webmaster tools are used to know the various dimensions regarding the website. You will be easily getting the search traffic and the crawling details using any tool. Some significant differences are there in both the tools and read it out. Almost all SEO companies in Kerala will use either of any tools and most of them will use the two tools together. Let’s check out the comparison regarding both.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a widely using web analytics application. It is free to use and is provided by google. Almost all SEO company in Cochin will first register their site in this tool and will try to get the details. Major information that will be getting from this tool is:

Visitor reports

It will provide all the visitor details regarding the website. It will include the total number of visitors along with the new visitors and the returning visitors. It will also give you the time that the visitors are spending on the website. It will also provide the bouncing time. Try the SEO solutions Cochin to get the best results and the best service. Google Analytics will also give the geographical details about the visitors’ location along with the referred websites.

Web Traffic reports

You will get the total report on the visiting people on daily, monthly and yearly basis. It will also give the previous year statistics to compare the current situation. Choose the best SEO Company in Kerala to get the best service.

Details about the Keywords

It will provide all the keyword details. Those keywords that will give the highest visitors along with the keywords that produces highest sale will be also available. The details about the keywords that will keep the visitors the most time will be also available. By using this tool, you will be able to know more about the SEO tools that you are supposed to do. Seek the help of SEO services in Kerala to get the best and useful ideas.

Details about the web pages and the content

It will give you the details about the web pages that are frequently used by the users. It will give the time that is spending by the users on each web page. An expert SEO Services in Cochin will give all necessary suggestions for the clients without any hesitation. Make your business good enough with the SEO professional Cochin.

Conversion rates

You will be able to get the conversion rates that you set on your website. By analyzing it, you will get the best methods to try the new conversion rate. A best SEO Cochin will help you to get the latest ideas and the terms.

Google webmaster Tools

It will give the elaborate idea about, how the Google looks at your website. The problems that are obsessed with the site are also available. Hence the new strategies to fix the problem are also possible. A SEO company Cochin will give you the best service that will help you to get the best results. You will get the below listed details from the webmaster tools.

Crawl Errors

The google webmaster tool will give the details about the web pages that are difficult for google to crawl. It is very important since if your web pages are unable to crawl by the google, it means that the search engines cannot find you. It will make your website down. By using this tool, the user will be able to diagnise the problem and SEO services Kochi will be able to solve it. Within few days, the site will be upcoming in the search engine.

Search Queries

Much information on your web page is available from the webmaster tool. It is one of the main reasons why almost all SEO services in Kochi will try to register their sites in these kinds of tools. It will enable the users to try out the latest methods. Following information will be available from the webmaster tools.

1. Total number of search queries or keywords that are returned from the site.

2. Top search queries

3. The number of times that your pages were viewed in google search results.

4. The total number of clicks that happened for the particular search query.

5. The percentage of times, which was used to take the clicks.

6. The average position of your website for the search query.

Best SEO services in Kochi will try to register all their sites in these tools to get the best results. You will be able to improve the methods and the methodologies to hike your sites in the search engines.

External links and the internal links

Total numbers of links that are generated from other websites are available from the webmaster tool. Also the internal links are visible.

Blocked URLs

If you have got the content and external links that the search engine is not supposed to crawl, then you can use the robots.txt to inform our need to google. It will say how and what the search engine should crawl. Powerful robots file are used by the Cochin SEO company hence the result will be very good.


If google detects any malware on your site, then you will be informed by the webmaster tools.

HTML errors

HTML errors that are detected by the google will be shown in the webmaster tool. Seek the help of SEO firm in Cochin to get the best offers.

Fetch as Google

You can submit the URL to the google and it will fetch it. A professional SEO Cochin will take all the necessary steps to get the best results.