Tips for Creating Winning Visual Brands

If you are looking for a branding agency in Birmingham, you need to check out the services of Creative Ideaz. The practice of corporate and brand identity is a must have for all new brands. This article will list the top 10 things you need to consider when creating a new visual brand identity.

Making Your Brand Coherent

The new logo you have is born useless. The media is going to demand an approach that is instantly useful. You need to have a logo that is useful. You need to create landscapes that can change be adapted to. Information can and should fuel the design and pattern.

Your Brand is Much More Than a Logo

The logo is dying, so you need to ask yourself how your brand can be around without badging.

Brand without Badging

A rubber stamped logo is not a brand — do not stop there. A new logo should be a symbol of change, not a change of a symbol.

The Big Idea

The big idea is not the big idea but rather the hundreds of ideas that form the brand. These ideas that you have should be multi-channeled into andneed to also be multi-faceted into.

Own Moments

You need to find ownable moments that can be a spring point for the brand. Some of the things that you need to look into may include the color, season, taste, features and more.

Removing Fear from the Picture

Branding is all the fear and risk that is attached to everything out there. The smart clients that are out there are the ones that are without the fear in them.We are hired for our principles, so we need to stick to them and not be afraid to go bold.

Weird Works

Weird things are what are going to create monopolies for the brand you have. You need to trust the risky weirdo that is called being creative.

MakingYour Brand People-Centric

Branding is not about being in the design business. Branding is about being in the people business. Educated clients believe in coherent brand worlds. Winning companies are placing design at the heart of their business.

Creating Assets and Not Costs

The design of your brand is not always seen as a cost in the boardroom. Your brand needs to be seen as an asset to your company. The reason behind your brand is it being seen as a cost is that everyone considers themselves as a designer.The goal of your brand is to show that design is an asset to the brand — your design should not make or break your brand.

Chasing Opportunities

You need to chase the opportunity for your brand. You do not want to chase the money of the brand. If you are doing interesting work and having fun, enough money will come in after all is said and done. First, work on making the brand.


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