Cubux Budget Spreadsheets — Plan Your Finances With Less Pain Than Ever

When we talk about personal finances, the most important thing is to get as clear understanding of all figures and trends as possible. This is exactly what you can achieve with Cubux.

The main working tool of the budget planner app is a detailed monthly budget spreadsheet where you can fix all your daily expenditures and earnings. The form includes various categories such as food, car, utilities, rent, leisure, bad habits, etc. With the form you will be able to understand how to manage your money more effective. The Excel budget spreadsheet can be easily exported so that you could analyze it later or use the data for other purposes.

Other options of Cubux sheets include:

  • Family planning. If you live with your family, try Cubux family budget worksheet. The form allows inserting data for various family members and analyzing common data together with personal figures.
  • Various time intervals. The program helps to analyze data across various periods of time. For example, use can use a weekly budget spreadsheet or opt for monthly forms. Daily worksheets are also available so that users could get an understanding of their finances in both short-term and long-term perspectives.
  • Easy calculation. The program contains various formulas that help to obtain sums, percentages and other types of figures. You can use them at any moment, which considerably simplifies the budget planning.
  • Various operations. Users can keep track not only of their daily expenses and of earnings in different forms. For example, you can add, modify or delete planned transactions, keep accounts, and even add personal financial goals.
  • Free use. Cubux provides free budget spreadsheets, so you do not have to pay in order to use the service. This makes the project available for all types of users, including those with tightened financial conditions.

How to use personal budget spreadsheet

Upon logging in on, you can choose the necessary budget form and start filling it in. The service is very intuitive, so no additional training is needed for using it. A simple budget spreadsheet includes just a few necessary options but the user can adjust the form and add all the options that are indispensable for his personal budget keeping.

Available free online budgeting tools are displayed right on the main working interface. Each operation can be saved so that you do not lose any important data.

Make your finances clearer and start to save your money with home budget spreadsheets on!


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