Is there any difference between morning schools and day schools?

Quite a few proposals around improving performance the academic performance of students involve very costly interventions. Even though many of these surely come accurate on the cost-benefit tests, but they surely can be enormously challenging, both politically and economically, to ensure a successful functioning and implementation.

A possible way involves changing the ways in which schools are conducted. For instance, in a recent policy proposal, Jacob and Rockoff suggest three low-cost ways to conduct schools that can ensure maximised student performance:

i. clubbing elementary and middle schools into single buildings;

ii. optimize teacher assignment; and

iii. Starting the school in the later half of the day for middle and high school students.

But more so than other, their third idea seems particularly actionable because it does not have the need of new buildings to be built, and the nature of teachers’ jobs would not significantly change. Schools that start elementary schools later and high schools earlier could easily swap these schedules without any major transportation disruptions. This would allow adolescents to sleep later and therefore arrive at school more focused and better prepared to learn.

Doctors say that starting school earlier in the morning prevents children and teenagers from getting a full night’s sleep, which can affect their health, safety and academic performance. On the other hand, when they complete their full sleep, they get the enthusiasm and energy to get going with their studies and other extracurricular activities after that. Research also suggests that delaying the start of the school day can reduce automobile accidents caused by sleepy drivers or even when they try to speed up on the rather free main roads.

It has its own set of problems as well. One of the biggest concerns about changing of school time is that, it clashes with parent work schedules. When school starts at 7:30, most parents can see their kids before they go to school. If school time changes, most parents won’t be able to still drive their kids to school and get to work on time. This is mainly a problem for parents of young children, who need supervision while getting ready for school and waiting for the bus. For teenagers, later starting time may lead to more accountability such as getting themselves up on their own and getting their own breakfast.

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