Office Chair Materials: Leather vs. Mesh vs. Fabric — Pros and Cons

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Ergonomic office chairs are a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting in the same place at work. However, do you know which office chair material to select as a comfortable option?

Office Chair Materials

You plan to switch to an ergonomic workplace, but the wrong choice of chair material can make
employees spend hours sitting on seats that cause discomfort.

On the other hand, the suitable office chair material helps with overall comfort and satisfaction at your workplace.

Keep reading this blog to understand the pros and cons of each office chair material based on its
design, upkeep, size, and cost.

Choices for office chair

The three most popular options for office chairs are leather, mesh, and fabric. They each bring unique
features to the upholstery, and making the right choice can make or break your healthy work
Let’s learn more about office chair materials to understand what best suits your workplace needs.


Leather office chairs combine elegance and comfort. They exude a sense of sophistication that can
instantly elevate the look of your workspace.
They offer a plush and cushioned seating experience that molds to your body, providing excellent
support during those long work hours. Numerous chairs feature adjustable seats and armrests to
accommodate various body profiles. Additionally, they are easy to clean, requiring a quick wipe to
look new.


  • Elegant appearance: Leather office chairs have a polished and professional look. Its glossy
  • texture makes your workspace look more stylish.
  • Durable: When properly maintained, leather chairs can last for many years. They resist wear and tear and make a solid investment.
  • Responds to body shape: Leather chairs conform progressively to your profile to provide comfort and support. It aids in making lengthy work hours less arduous and exhausting.
  • Easy cleaning: Leather chairs don’t trap strain and odours. An easy wipe with a damp cloth makes it look perfect.


  • Expensive: The premium quality and look of leather chairs come at a high price, so you might have to stretch your budget.
  • Temperature sensitivity: In hot summers, leather offers a warm and sticky feel. Similarly,sitting on leather can be chilly during cold days until it warms up.
  • Maintenance: While a simple wipe can prevent stains on leather, regular maintenance is needed to avoid drying and cracking.
  • Not very breathable: It means you feel less ventilated and sweat more during prolonged periods of sitting.


Mesh office chairs started replacing traditional ones for a couple of crucial reasons. The first is for
comfort, and the second is for their ergonomic features.
They also offer various material choices, like nylon, spacer, and woven mesh. However, they come
with pros and cons, and let’s discuss them below.


  • Breathable: During extended work hours, the mesh backrest’s open-air circulation will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Conforms to body posture: Mesh material conforms to your body, making it feel designed just for you. It means better support for your back, reducing the risk of pain.
  • Lightweight: Mesh chairs are lightweight compared to their bulky, solid-back counterparts.
  • Easy maintenance: Mesh can be cleaned with a simple wipe-down using a damp cloth.


  • Average aesthetics: Mesh chairs look simpler than high-end leather or fabric chairs. If you’re seeking a chair with a premium or luxurious look, there may be better choices than mesh chairs.
  • Low durability: Mesh material wears out over time or becomes saggy. As a result, chair frames become less sturdy, particularly in budget-friendly models.
  • Less cushioning: While mesh chairs offer support, they need to be more cushioned for extended periods of sitting.


Fabric office chairs use various upholstery materials, including polyester, vinyl, or microfiber. They are
renowned for their resilience and have ample cushioning for support. It is also the best material for
maximizing the comfort of a seated position.
For these reasons, they are an excellent option for furnishing contemporary workplaces.


  • Versatile aesthetics: Fabric office chairs come in various colors, patterns, and textures to match your office décor or personal style.
  • Comfort of padding: Fabric chairs come with plush padding, giving them a soft and supportive feel. Hence, it reduces the risk of discomfort or fatigue during long workdays.
  • Affordable: Whether setting up a home office or outfitting an entire workspace, fabric chairs offer a cost-effective way to provide comfortable seating for your employees.
  • Temperature Neutral: Fabric office chairs are comfortable to sit on, regardless of the season. They give a comfy seat without adding cushions or coverings for temperature.


  • Prone to stains: Fabric, by its nature, tends to absorb liquids and substances that come into contact with it. Hence, spills or accidents can leave permanent marks on it.
  • Average durability: The fabric fades, tears, or frays over time, especially in frequently used chairs. It leads to a shorter lifespan compared to more robust materials.
  • Traps allergen: Fabric traps allergens like dust and pollen, especially if not regularly cleaned.

This tendency becomes problematic for people with allergies or breathing difficulties.

What’s best for your office

The ideal office chair material depends on your needs and preferences.
If your choice of office space is premium and durable, leather chairs can be the best option. Mesh
chairs can be your lookout if you want pleasant and comfortable seating. For budget-friendly and
stylish workspaces, fabric is a good option.

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It is important to consider comfort, aesthetics, climate, and maintenance when choosing your office
chair material; trying these chairs before purchasing helps you select the ideal option.


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