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300 Plus Consultant provides software product development, technology consulting, testing infrastructure management and knowledge process outsourcing solutions. The business provides applications for customer, enterprise and carrier focused businesses. They help consumer focused applications are provided by businesses.

300 Plus Consultant

300plusconsultant is having experience in building carrier grade programs spanning various communication technologies such as 2G, 2.5G and 3G. Technology Marketing Corporation caught up in 300 Plus Consultant with seniors VP of delivery, to understand more about the activities in market and India in the region of application development. Our exchange follows.

What’re 300 Plus Consultant expertise areas?

300+consultant has been in the cellular space for the last 8 years and has built powerful Intellectual Property in the fields of mobile video streaming solutions, information services alongside other value added services in 2.5G and 3G environments.

We work for empowering integrations with circuit change networks and business environments and providing value added solutions such as mobile solutions, software for handsets such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian.

What’re 300 Plus Consultant offerings to markets?

We experience in video streaming solutions content management systems and such as Subscriber Identity Module Tool Kit technologies in Subscriber Identity Module card.

Tell us briefly about 300 Plus Consultant concentrate on mobile application market.

300 Plus Consultant has been in the cellular space for the last 8 years. We started our solutions in the telecom space through empowering a leading Malaysian telecoms service provider expand its Mobile Data Services Platform. The client who’d already emerged itself as a key operator in providing voice based cellular communication, wanted to look in opportunities to grow the company's suite of high speed information and content services.

They wanted to transform from a mostly voice and basic data operator into a mobile infotainment company. The customer collaborated with 300 + consultant to construct a convergent Mobile Data Services Platform, to delivery high speed content solutions to clients and manage relationships with 3rd party content providers. We developed a distinctive data solutions platform known as External Content Provider Aggregator. ECPA is a platform that acts as a gateway between the content provider community and also operator network and also offers well defined interfaces to operators to interact with cellular network operator network.

Operators can use ECPA for supplying required interfaces to allow delivery of cellular content from content creators to cellular users. Following the effective initiation of the project, we’ve taken up numerous assignments from clients across verticals like telecom, travel, entertainment, ecommerce, media and technologies. 300plusconsultant has a team of 200+ individuals with specific skills in mobile technology, mobile data services enablement, interactive Television technologies. Our experience spans across various kinds of clients like telecom operators, content aggregators and content providers .

Contact Us

Name: 300 Plus Consultant

Address: Bhagwani Chambers, E-600, Ground Floor, Sector 7, Dwarka

Phone: +91 11 46568600,64634747, 64634242

Email: info@300plusconsultant.com

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