Can You Rank A Website With Low Domain Authority and Few Backlinks?

Word on the street is you can’t. You need high domain authority, lots of high DA backlinks pointing to your site in order to rank on page 1 of Google.

I’m Here To Tell You: This is Baloney!


Backlinks are not the biggest ranking factor for Google. I’ll prove it by the end of this article, but first:

What IS The Biggest Ranking Factor, According to Some SEO Historians?

In my opinion, I would say without a doubt, traffic to your website is the biggest ranking factor, followed by on- site SEO and time on site. That’s it- in a nutshell.

Of Course… on-page SEO is a huge part of the whole equation- telling Google what your page is about so they know where to put it!

Case Study #1- A Divorce Lawyer’s Website

Queens Divorce Lawyers, ranks on page 1 of google for Astoria Divorce Lawyers. They are no. 1 in the “map pac” and no. 9 on the organic part of the page, under the maps.

According to ahrefs, their Domain authority is 3.7 and they have only 109 backlinks to their site. Shamefully low DA, yet it still ranks!

A Divorce Lawyer in Albany moves from Page 3 top to page 2 with no new backlinks and a poor Domain Authority Rating of 3.9 — Out Of 100! Traffic, my brothers and sisters- traffic! And on-site SEO!

This website moved up 1 page on google in one week with some on-site SEO and some work on their Google My Business Page which apparently also brought people to the site.

So rather than break your back begging bloggers for backlinks and waiting for your hard written articles be approved, why not just get traffic to your site instead?!

Tell those guest posting editors who decide your backlink life- where to go!

Oy, so where do you get this glorious traffic from, you ask..

You do a blog blast and take an article you’ve written and post it everywhere you can on the web. Post it on your brother’s forehead! Tell everyone- because the more traffic it gets- the more people are likely to follow the links in it back to your website. Make sure the article contains a backlink to the website you want to get traffic to.

Post your articles on blogging platforms and social media where your future doesn’t depend on some all-important moderator who thinks they are the King of A Foreign Land!

Here is a list of some places you can post on to get the word out;

Are we having fun yet?

Now get all your friends to like and comment on your posts and get the word out. People will click on the backlinks in your article and end up on your website. Traffic, my dear, traffic!