If you have just started your website or blog than it is difficult that you might think about SEO Marketing because you are already busy doing a lot of thing on your website or blog but remember that as soon as you start a new website or blog you should start its marketing as well .It does not matter how creative and superb your website is, if people can’t find it. So there are some techniques which some must keep in mind while starting a new website or blog.


1. Use Popular keywords

First and most important point is identification of popular keywords. You can use different SEO tools for this purpose. These tools will determine the popular keywords according to the topic of your website. Once you know the keywords try to use them in your content and titles. Remember that these keywords should be are not too competitive. Don’t forcefully use these keywords in your sentences.

1. Creation of new content

Regularly update the content and posts on your website. It can be helpful in two ways. Firstly by posting and publishing new content on regular basis, the number of special and new keywords on your website will increase. You will earn SEO traffic because of the keywords you even did not target. Secondly you can build better relation with your customers and readers by publishing new content. Building better relations with your readers can actually improve you ranking in SERPs.

1. Use social networking

Participating on Social Networking Sites can actual improve your ranking. Sharing the links of your website and mentioning your brand name in different posts will natural increase SERPs ranking. Make it a priority to spend few minutes daily talking about your brand on Social Websites and interact with people who follow your website on social networking sites.

1. Use Google analytics

For all the beginners it is very essential to check and measure the metrics. For example you have added a new form to your website and you cannot know if it’s effective or not without testing. For this purpose you can install Google analytics. It can be used to gather the information that can be helpful to improve your website conversation rates. Once you have installed a program like Google Analytics, you should set different goals for your website. Here Google analytics well keep the track of your website and you will know that whether viewers are engaging with your website the way you wanted it or not.

1. Link building and Guest Posting

Now you should pay attention on building the link of your site. It means that other websites are referring your link for the content. The number of sites pointing towards your link is counted in search engine ranking algorithm. For this purpose guest posting is a very good option. Some websites provide you this service where you can exchange link with other person. This method will naturally increase the traffic on your website and thus your ranking on search engine.